What does your face tell you about your skin?

What does your face tell you about the health of your skin?


How can you read your face? According to Traditional Chinese Medicine different areas of the face correspond to different organs in the body. Often times, acne, congestion, facial lines, and the color of our skin will tell us how we are doing internally in our bodies and can be an indicator of imbalances that we can correct.


The forehead: relates to digestive and bladder issues and can be caused by having difficulty breaking down certain foods. Also, watch out for hair products and hats/caps.

Eyes: puffiness or dark circles in this area may be hereditary or can be a sign of stagnation or an imbalance with the kidney/liver. Daily dry brushing your body will improve the lymphatic system and in response promote circulation to the eye area. Cheeks: breakouts correspond to stomach issues and can be caused by eating too much sugar. Stress is also a factor.  Be sure to clean make-up brushes, pillow-cases and cell phones which are in contact with your skin and could be an irritant. Also, check your blush to make sure that your kind is not causing any problems.

Lower cheeks: congestion or lines in that area are represented by the lungs so incorporating deep breathing as a part of your daily routine can be helpful to clear up your skin and reduce lines.

Chin: acne in this area has to do with hormonal imbalances as well as stress and is represented by kidney imbalances. Do avoid resting face on hands and watch your tooth paste as those are both common aggravators.


As you can see, the health of our skin depends on many factors that we can control externally with good hygiene, using the appropriate products, sleep, diet and exercise; however, some times internal imbalances can be the culprit. The Chinese Face Map is merely a guide and something to think about as you evaluate the health of your own skin. Doing a fall detox or a kidney/liver cleanse may help boost the clarity and radiance of the skin – it certainly will make you feel good!


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