Behind-the-scenes of DailyCandy photo-shoot

I was SO excited last Tuesday when I got a call from the DailyCandy editor asking if I would be interested in creating a DIY body oil recipe for DailyCandy readers that I had to do a little dance… yippee, what a fun assignment! I then went into my studio lab and started playing around with my different oils, taking a moment to pause, look out at the Pacific Ocean and imagine what someone like you might really LOVE to put on your body…? I decided that a beautiful combination of sweet, intoxicating essences such as, ylang ylang, lavender and bergamot would be lovely for an-end-of-day treat. The editorial world is often working with a fast approaching deadline, so when I found out that the DailyCandy photo shoot would be that Friday; I called my amazing sister and make-up artist in LA, Josefine Wissenberg and begged her to come up to doll me up for the shoot. Here are some “behind-the-scenes” pictures of what our day went like. I had SO much FUN!! I hope you will enjoy my “Sweet Summer Night Body Oil” recipe!

Check out the write-up and DIY recipe here on DailyCandy!





And… It’s a wrap!!

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