Year of the Wooden Goat!Wow! Can’t quite believe that we are here in 2015? Happy Lunar New Year! The Year of the green Wooden Goat promises to be a more gentle, harmonious, abundant and less tumultuous year than last year. I think most of us will appreciate a little calm in our lives this year!

The year of the Wooden Goat is generally considered a year of financial prosperity and power but be careful not to be too greedy, the key is to find balance. You don’t want to overwork and run yourself down! Instead it is a good time to be gentle with yourself and remove as much stress as you can from your day-to-day life. Because this year has a strong earth element to it, being out in nature is a powerful way to restore your energy, replenish and find balance. For me long restorative walks on the beach is an important weekly ritual. For you it might be hiking in the redwoods or being up in the mountains. Whatever it is just try and incorporate it into your routine, it may just provide all the relaxation that you need!

I wish you a magnificent and harmonious Year of the Wooden Goat and if you haven’t had a chance yet to start out doing all the things that you set out to do in 2015, then you still have time because todays is another fresh start!

Here is a great more in-depth read on The Year of the Wooden Goat:

May all your intentions come to fruition!

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