Fitness & Acne

What do running shoes, sunblock, and mineral foundation have to do with skincare you might ask yourself? It has to do with obtaining that clear blemish-free complexion! While working out is great for you, it can cause havoc on your skin and cause unwanted acne if you don’t watch out.

Sun-block and makeup are designed to stay on the skin and not penetrate the skin barrier so when you work out all that sweating can’t easily be excreted through the pores which causes blackheads to build up or acne. It is therefore ideal to cleanse off any make-up or sun-block prior to your work out so that you can sweat out the toxins through the skin. However, if that is not realistic for you, then be sure to take a shower and clean your skin as soon as you can after your work out to allow your skin to breathe.

I also recommend using a wash cloth daily as it is important for removing any leftover residue on your skin from your cleanser which can clog your pores. And of course follow with your replenishing moisturizer or face oil.

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