Fine lines around the mouth

How do I treat fine lines around my mouth?

The key to treating fine lines and deep wrinkles on the upper lip area is prevention! While smoking is an obvious no no, women often forget that drinking from water bottles that have a sport top or from any bottle that requires a sucking motion, and thus puckering of the lips promotes lines to form or deepen in that area.  Be sure to take the cap off when drinking from sports bottles or better yet switch to a stainless steel bottle that has a large rim and that can be re-used.

Eliminating the original cause for lines to form is the first step in treating wrinkles around the mouth, the second step is to incorporate treatment creams or serums that contain enzymes, vitamin A, AHA’s or glycolic acid to smooth out the lines.  A good eye serum or eye cream can also be used and is generally appropriate for that area. Massaging around the mouth and the upper lip daily is additionally helpful. Start at the bottom of your mouth, using both your ring fingers in an upward motion, go the corners of your mouth then fingers meet at center of upper lip and then up around the nose towards the corner of your eyes. Repeat 6-12 times.

Lastly, a weekly cream-based mask to plump up the skin and keep it hydrated is a great addition to keep those lines at bay.

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