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Is your skin under stress? Adult acne, clogged pores, inflammation, pimples, … argh! Kind of makes you want to scream; and is sure to cause mild anxiety for anyone who cares about their complexion. Diagnostics is key when it comes to successfully treating your acne. Is it hormonal? Is it an inflammatory reaction? Does it arise from stress? With any imbalances occurring with your skin, one thing is for sure, stress is going to make it worse! Stress causes sebaceous glands to pump out more oil that bacteria thrives on, this in turn leads to clogging and inflammation of the hair follicle, in effect causing a zit.

Gunilla Skin Alchemy is Featured in the Wall Street Journal!

I am beyond excited to share that today Gunilla Skin Alchemy is featured in the Wall Street Journal! They even included a wonderful photo of me with my products…I am kind of pinching myself right now!

The article discusses the pros and cons of marketing products as luxury vs green and why some companies like myself choose to position ourselves more as a luxury brand. Part of my reasoning is that I believe that sustainability is a long-term plan not just a trend. Growing up in Denmark we look at business planning as something that is long-term and sustainable for the environment. I position myself as a luxury brand because I want to be able to get the highest quality ingredients available and I buy only from farmers that practice sustainable harvesting. This makes the price point of my products higher and therefore I have had to make the choice to be in the luxury segment of the market.

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Dry Brushing Ritual

Dry Brush Ritual

Are you struggling with dry skin?

Each season has a different set of skin challenges. One thing I have been asked about a lot recently is how to treat dry skin on the body?

One really great way to treat this common problem and maintain silky soft skin during the dry weather months is to do a weekly “dry brushing ritual”. Not only does dry brushing get rid of dry skin but it is also wonderful for improving circulation in the body and stimulating the lymphatic system, which in turns helps eliminate toxic waste build-up and stagnation in the body. If you work in-front of a computer all day, this will wake up your body in a good way!

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