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Is your skin under stress? Adult acne, clogged pores, inflammation, pimples, … argh! Kind of makes you want to scream; and is sure to cause mild anxiety for anyone who cares about their complexion. Diagnostics is key when it comes to successfully treating your acne. Is it hormonal? Is it an inflammatory reaction? Does it arise from stress? With any imbalances occurring with your skin, one thing is for sure, stress is going to make it worse! Stress causes sebaceous glands to pump out more oil that bacteria thrives on, this in turn leads to clogging and inflammation of the hair follicle, in effect causing a zit.

The Pro’s of Microdermabrasion

What is microdermabrasion and how does it benefit my skin?

We are all chasing the fountain of youth – a quest that often translates into wanting a smooth, glowing complexion. During my 12 years in skincare one of my most favorite tools to obtaining beautiful skin is my microdermabrasion machine. It consists of a wand that both vacuums and exfoliates the skin at the same time. It is considered a mechanical exfoliator and can be used on almost all skin types, except for hypersensitive skin. Any ethnicity will benefit from receiving microdermabrasion treatments, unlike chemical peels, which can cause hypo-pigmentation on certain skin colors.  The act of exfoliating the skin is excellent for facial rejuvenation; the microdermabrasion machine, which removes the upper most part of dead skin adds a little extra boost!

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