Being a woman presents many challenges; one of the most difficult ones is to find balance. As a woman who has my own business, is a mother of two, who loves to be busy, socialize and who has an extended family living overseas; I have found that having balance in my life is the key to long-term joy and happiness.


My desire to have balance has helped me throughout my life and it still does. It keeps me grounded and present! As I am witnessing many of my clients becoming mothers for the first time, I know how overwhelming it can be to manage it all at first. It is a big adjustment and something has to give.  The last couple of years after I had my daughter I had to prioritize and let go as I looked to maintain balance. I had a major website overhaul to do as I was rebranding my business, products to repackage and launch, a shop to renovate, a newborn to care for, a 7 year-old and his soccer schedule to manage, and a husband to pay attention to. And then there was grocery shopping, making healthy food choices, the desire to lose my post pregnancy weight, and lastly the always-impending-need-for-sleep. I was tired!  To make it all work, I really had to sit down and organize what my priorities were for now. This is the order I came up with.

1.  My sanity (prioritize sleep and be okay with chaos in the house)
2.  Be a mother (nurse my daughter and reschedule work for my son’s soccer games)
Family (go out of town and spend precious time with my husband & kids)
3.  Business (accept that it would take longer to rebrand, redo my website, and put my renovation plans off for later)
4.  My vanity (get back into a fitness routine when I had time and energy. Sleep was more important than running).

Your list may look entirely different than mine but shifting priorities really has made a big difference in my life when it comes to finding balance and feeling good about myself, I call it “the balancing act of being a woman.”


Fast forward a couple of years and I am getting it all done. It took me a little longer but I am happy to say that I finished my new website, repackaged my products, updated my identity, hired a new design team, spent the summer renovating my Gunilla Skin Alchemy boutique, started working out again, played a ton with my kids, went out on a few dates with my husband, switched to a pescetarian diet and I FEEL amazing. I am full of energy and I am excited to keep going. Slowing down, prioritizing and being kind to your-self is really the key to living a balanced life!

I would love it if you would chime in on what finding balance looks like for you?

I leave you with these words of wisdom:

“Be still as a mountain, flow like a great river!” ~ Lao Tse

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