sing essential oils and botanical essences on the skin is the most pure way to balance the complexion. Aromatic oils can treat different skin conditions due to their natural antiseptic, regenerative, and anti-inflammatory qualities.

Like Treats Like

Following the holistic principle that “like treats like,” applying oils on the skin will reduce over-production of sebum and rebalance the skin. Besides beautifying and clarifying the complexion, aromatic essences also calm the nervous system and have a balancing effect on hormones and emotions. Any imbalances in these systems can contribute to acne, hyper pigmentation, inflammation, dryness and premature aging of the skin.

“The selection of botanical essences for each blend in the Gunilla Skin Alchemy line has carefully been chosen after many years of working with essential oils on my clients during their facial treatments. I have formulated what I believe to be the best combination of oils to suit the specific needs of different skin types.”

Below, you can learn about each of the ingredients used in the products. The therapeutic value of the essential oils is broken down into skin type, aromatherapy benefits and what chakra they correspond best to. Each of our hand-picked essences is harvested using sustainable techniques and are organic and wild-crafted.


  • Bergamot Oil


    The sweet citrus oil of bergamot is extracted from the rind of the bergamot orange fruit which is a natural hybrid of the lemon and bitter orange tree. Originating from Asia it is now found mostly in the Calabria region of Italy and the Ivory Coast. It has a very relaxing effect on the mind and body.

skin type oily, problem, aging
aromatherapy astringent, uplifting, calming, promotes restful sleep
chakra solar plexus

  • German Chamomile


    The characteristic deep blue color of German chamomile essential oil has a sweet slightly fruity scent that is extracted from small daisy like flowers. Native to Europe and parts of Asia, it now also grows in North America and Egypt. It is known for its calming and soothing effect on hyperactive children.

skin type sensitive, irritated, dry
aromatherapy anti-inflammatory, soothing
chakra solar plexus

  • Frankincense


    Frankincense extracted from the bark of the tree has a sweet, resinous, woodsy and spicy aroma. Grown in Somalia and Southeast Arabia, frankincense, called the oil of the ancients, is burned as incense in temples and churches for spiritual cleansing.

skin type aging, dry
aromatherapy anti-bacterial, promotes clarity, meditative
chakra crown

  • Geranium Oil


    Geranium native to Southern Africa now is grown in Madagascar, Egypt, Morocco and the island of Reunion, yields small pinkish-white flowers. The essence is extracted from the leaves and stalks and has a soft, rosy, sweet, green scent. Known as "the woman's oil" for its pre-menstrual and menopausal benefits.

skin type all, acne, oily, dry
aromatherapy anti-depressant, regenerative, mood balancer
chakra heart

  • Jasmine


    Jasmine also called “queen of the night” is an intoxicating flower native to India, China and Iran and is now mostly cultivated in the Mediterranean countries, Northern Africa and China. Known for its sensual scent, it calms the nervous system and reduces anxiety.

skin type dry, dehydrated, aging, oily
aromatherapy intuitive, calming, regenerating, anti-bacterial, soothing
chakra sacral

    skin type dry, problem, inflamed
    aromatherapy intuitive, calming, regenerating, anti-bacterial, soothing
    chakra solar plexus

    • Mandarin

      red mandarin

      Mandarin a small evergreen tree originating from Southern China bears small orange fleshy fruits. Red mandarin has a sweet, warm, citrus and fruity, complex aroma. Having a sedative effect, it is effective for insomnia and calming for overexcited children.

    skin type oily, problem, normal, blemished
    aromatherapy anti-septic, calming, hypnotic
    chakra sacral
    • Neroli


      Neroli essence, extracted from the bitter orange tree has a beautiful, sweet citrus aroma that has been coveted through the ages. Native to central Asia, it is now mostly harvested from Spain, France, and North Africa. Used in times of grief, neroli eases emotional upset.

    skin type aging, dry, oily, problem, sensitive
    aromatherapy rejuvenating, healing, calming, balancing, uplifting
    chakra sacral

    • Rose


      The deep spicy sweet and floral scent of rose has been considered an aphrodesiac for centuries. One of the first aromas to be used as a natural perfume, rose oil used in skincare typically originates from Bulgaria, Turkey or Morocco and is extracted from the fragrant rose petals.

    skin type aging, dry, oily, problem, sensitive
    aromatherapy calming, supportive, promotes love and compassion
    chakra heart

    • Rosemary


      Rosemary is an aromatic herb and means “dew of the sea”. One of the first plants used for medicinal purposes and religious rituals, it is native to the Mediterranean parts of Europe. It enhances mental clarity, improves focus and assists in managing stress and nervous exhaustion.

    skin type problem, oily, acne
    aromatherapy cleansing, purifying, stimulating, strengthening
    chakra root

    • Rosewood Oil


      Also called “bois de rose”, essential oil of rosewood is distilled from the evergreen rosewood tree native to the Amazon rainforest. It has a soft, sweet, slightly spicy and woodsy smell with floral notes. Rosewood strengthens the nervous system, calms anxiety and balances the emotions. Excellent for jetlag.

    skin type aging, problem, oily, acne, sensitive
    aromatherapy regenerating, anti-bacterial, soothing, calming, balancing
    chakra sacral

    • Sandalwood


      Sandalwood is a slow-growing evergreen. While native to tropical Asia, the finest sandalwood comes from Mysore, India where it is a precious commodity. It has a sweet, woodsy aroma that is warm and exotic. Induces relaxation and stress relief as well as releasing nervous tension and fear.

    skin type aging, normal, dry, dehydrated, oily, sensitive
    aromatherapy nourishing, rejuvenating, soothing, relaxant
    chakra crown

    • Vetiver Oil


      Native to India, vetiver is cultivated in other tropical places such as Haiti and El Salvador. Extracted from the root of the perennial grass, vetiver has a woody, sweet, caramel and smoky smell. It strengthens the lymphatic system and boosts the immune system while relieving nervous tension and sleeplessness.

    skin type oily, acne, devitalized, dry
    aromatherapy calming, centering, anti-depressant, strengthening
    chakra solar plexus

    • Ylang Ylang

      ylang ylang

      Native to the Indonesia, ylang ylang essential oil is extracted from the very fragrant flowers of the tall tropical tree. Ylang ylang has a seductive, fruity floral aroma that has a stress-reliving effect on the mind and body, and is a great sleep aid. Use highly diluted.

    skin type oily, aging, inflamed, dry, irritated
    aromatherapy stress relief, calming, promotes self-confidence
    chakra heart


    • Carrot Seed

      carrot seed

      Originating in France, the golden orange oil is extracted from the seeds of the plant. Carrot seed oil supports the lymphatic system and is used as a liver and digestive tonic. Known to reduce anxiety and alleviate exhaustion as well as relieving stress and promoting clarity.

    skin type dry, sun-damaged, aging, devitalized, rosacea

    • Rosehip Seed Oil

      rosehip seed oil

      Rose hip oil is extracted from the rose hips of wild roses that grow mostly in the Andes and Southern Chile. Prized for its naturally occurring high content of vitamin C, rose hip oil also contain essential nutrients that mimic vitamin A, making this oil excellent for stimulating natural cell regeneration of the skin, and scars and discoloration.

    skin type dry, sun-damaged, aging, devitalized, rosacea

    • Argan


      Argan oil is obtained from the edible nut that is picked from the small Argan tree that grows mostly in the south of Morocco. It takes the fruit about a year to mature, turning yellow from bright lime green. Argan oil contains a high content of vitamin E and is a free radical scavenger. With its skin softening qualities, it is excellent for treating pre-mature aging and damaged and dry skin. It is also good for avoiding stretch marks.

    skin type dry, sun-damaged, aging, devitalized, rosacea

    • Hazelnut Oil

      hazelnut oil

      Hazelnut oil is made from the fruit of the hazelnut tree that grows mostly in the Mediterranean and Black Sea areas. Containing high amounts of vitamin A, B and C it is a light, cleansing oil that treats dehydration of the skin and penetrates the epidermis without it feeling greasy.

    skin type oily, normal, dehydrated
    • Evening Primrose Oil

      evening primrose oil

      Native to Northern America, evening primrose is known for its high content of essential fatty acids, GLA. The oil is obtained from the flowering seeds of the plant that are at their best in the evening. It is wonderful for improving skin elasticity and treating conditions such as eczema and psorasis.

    skin type sensitive, aging, irritated, dry

    • Apricot Kernel Oil

      apricot kernel oil

      Native to Iran where the small apricot tree grows wild, it is now being cultivated all over the world for its delicious fruit. Apricot kernel oil contains high levels of vitamin A precursor and linoleic acid which are anti-inflammatory and reduce acne. It is a light oil that is readily absorbed by the skin and provides moisture.

    skin type delicate, dry, oily, acne, sensitive, aging

    • Jojoba Oil

      jojoba oil

      Jojoba is an evergreen shrub found in the Sonora Desert of the Southwest and throughout Mexico. It is now cultivated in Israel and South America. Although called an oil, it is actually a wax that comes from the jojoba bean and which bears high resemblance to human sebum. It is ideal for sebum control and for calming acne.

    skin type dry, sun-damaged, aging, devitalized, rosacea

    • Sweet Almond Oil

      sweet almond oil

      Thriving in high, dry rocky mountain slopes, lavender is native to France, Persia and the Mediterranean. Distilled from beautiful blue-violet and deep purple blossoms, the essential oil has a clean, sweet, herbal balsamic scent. Calming for children at bedtime.

    skin type sensitive, aging, irritated, dry