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Dry Brushing Ritual

Dry Brush Ritual

Are you struggling with dry skin?

Each season has a different set of skin challenges. One thing I have been asked about a lot recently is how to treat dry skin on the body?

One really great way to treat this common problem and maintain silky soft skin during the dry weather months is to do a weekly “dry brushing ritual”. Not only does dry brushing get rid of dry skin but it is also wonderful for improving circulation in the body and stimulating the lymphatic system, which in turns helps eliminate toxic waste build-up and stagnation in the body. If you work in-front of a computer all day, this will wake up your body in a good way!

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What does your face tell you about your skin?

How can you read your face? According to Traditional Chinese Medicine different areas of the face correspond to different organs in the body. Often times, acne, congestion, facial lines, and the color of our skin will tell us how we are doing internally in our bodies and can be an indicator of imbalances that we can correct.