Monthly Archives: July 2013

Behind-the-scenes of DailyCandy photo-shoot

I was SO excited last Tuesday when I got a call from the DailyCandy editor asking if I would be interested in creating a DIY body oil recipe for DailyCandy readers that I had to do a little dance… yippee, what a fun assignment! I then went into my studio lab and started playing around

Celebrating New Packaging!

Gunilla Skin Alchemy has a “new look”… and I am super excited to share it!! I LOVE love my new packaging! It is so beautifully designed by Gold, a local San Francisco design studio, co-owned by two amazing women, Heidi and Renee.  Here’s a look at my four facial oils: Balance, Hydrate, Soothe and Rejuvenate.


4th of July Juicy Beauty Tip!

lemon beauty tips
Are you planning to have a glass of wine or two today at your 4th of July gathering? Here is a great tip that I got from my personal trainer… dip a slice of lemon, with the white skin and all in honey and eat it prior to drinking alcohol. The lemon combined with honey will speed up your metabolism, make you burn calories faster and because of its high vitamin C content, it will also decrease alcohol absorption in your liver. Fewer toxins is not only great for your body but also ensures a radiant and clear complexion.

Happy Independence Day!