Monthly Archives: December 2012

New Beginnings!

flower_images_blogThe Winter Solstice on Dec 21, 2012 marks the end of the Mayan Calendar — not the end of the world but the end of an era. We are moving towards a shift in consciousness, towards a time that is based more on an interconnectedness with the universe; the stars, the planets; and an internal alignment of ourselves; we will feel more at peace and harmonious with nature.

This new age of world renewal is very special time that we are experiencing so I am gathering with my dearest of friends and soul sisters to celebrate this monumental day in history that the Mayans foresaw many lifetimes ago.

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Rosemary Bath Ritual

rosemary_blogIt is that time of the year we have all dreaded — the cold season!

I like to keep my immune system strong during this time of year by drinking lots of warm soothing liquids and take long, lingering hot baths infused with essential oils of wild rosemary. The naturally antiseptic properties of rosemary will help open up your sinuses and expand your breath. As you inhale the sweet balsamic aroma, the essential oils absorb into your blood stream and boost your immune system from the inside out.

Taking a daily bath like this will not only awaken your body but will also make you feel remarkably calm. I promise!

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